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Media Alliance Angels

Are you considering making a membership donation to Media Alliance?

That's great! You should know that your donation supports our vital work for media democracy, press freedom, and social justice:

-Challenging media consolidation and organizing for a just media system

-Supporting progressive and alternative journalists to ensure a broad range of viewpoints in the media

-Holding corporate media outlets accountable to community needs

-Advocating for an Internet that builds freedom, not one that spies on us -Helping those under-represented in media to tell their own stories

-Strategic media/ PR training for community-based organizations

Media advocacy is sadly underfunded in the foundation world, so our capacity to persevere in this work is directly measured by the support of you, and people like you.

In 2017, we're happy to announce that new and renewing members to Media Alliance can participate in the Artists for Vieques fundraising campaign. Artists for Vieques is distributing a 20-song album featured donated music from US and Puerto Rican artists to raise funds for hurricane relief to the island, focusing on Radio Vieques, the brand new community station which plays a crucial role in directing people to resources and providing public information to Purto Rico's more isolated communities outside the capital of San Juan.

Join or renew your Media Alliance membership by December 31, 2017 and you'll receive a gift of music featuring Los Lonely Boys, Willie Nelson, songstress Zoraaida Santiago, Los Bandidos Cosmicos, Calle 13 and a bunch of others. $10 goes directly to Vieques Island, and you support our ongoing work for media justice.

Or if you prefer, you can still grab a copy of The Brainwashing of My Dad or American Day Dream at the $60 level or a Hella Privacy t-shirt at the $100 level.


The Brainwashing of My Dad is filmmaker Jen Senko's telling of her father's late-life immersion in right wing talk radio and her study of what led to the rise of the seductive and powerful conservative media machine.

The Hella Privacy t-shirt pays tribute in elegant black to the anti-spying activism in Northern California that stopped Oakland's Domain Awareness Center, the biggest city-wide surveillance dragnet ever envisioned for an American city.

American Day Dream is a dystopian novel by local author and educator Margot Pepper. American Day Dream is a wonderful read, asking the question "What if, right here and right now and right down the block, everything we see and do and own, isn't real? Job, home and friends are all a carefully planted illusion to keep us circling a hamster wheel for a social order running for the benefit of others".

And we're always willing to negotiate, so if you want some other combination of goodies, make your special request on your order and we'll try to accomodate you if we can.

$25 DonationGift Donation: No presents, but thank you for your support!

$35 Contributing Membership - Low IncomeRight to vote for Board of Directors, free subscription to Jobfile Bulletin.

$60 Standard Membership Includes Jobfile Bulletin subscription for 52 weeks. Right to vote for Board of Directors, member discounts for workshops and classes, conferences or events.

$100 Supporting MembershipIncludes Jobfile Bulletin subscription for 52 weeks. Right to vote for Board of Directors, member discounts for workshops and classes.

$250 Anchor MembershipAll the benefits of membership included, annual newsletter and website acknowledgment and the gratitude of media activists everywhere. We are also pleased to gift you with the new Hella Privacy t-shirt and The Brainwashing of my Dad DVD.

$500 Golden MembershipAll the benefits of membership, gratitude of media activists everywhere, annual newsletter and website acknowledgment. We are pleased to offer to gift you with a Hella Privacy t-shirt and a copy of American Daydream.

$1,000 Media Alliance AngelAll the benefits of membership, gratitude of media activists everywhere, website acknowledgment (if desired) and frequent referrals to you as an angel in public. We would also like to take you out to dinner and send you every gift we have.

Another amount?
If you'd like to donate a different amount than those listed here we'd be delighted to speak with you about it on the phone at (415) 746-9475. To set up a recurring monthly donation for $5, $10 or $25/mo: click here.