Feature Writing: Writing The Story And Getting It Out As A Freelancer

Dates: Three Tuesdays June 10th, 17th and 24th
6:30pm to 8;30pm

Chances are that you already write well. And chances are, you could write even better than you do, perhaps even produce work that is good enough to get you more work. Marketing well is as important as writing well.

There are three vital steps to professional freelance feature writing: The first may surprise you. Itís not writing a story and sending it out to editors, hoping for the best. Itís thinking of a story you want to write, figuring the best angles for it and the best audience for it, and offering it to editors in a query letter.

Then there is the reporting (interviewing, fact gathering, getting a feel for the big picture while recording details). And finally, you write. Sometimes in class, sometimes not, depending on time available. Youíll get feedback from the instructor on your writing, and there will also be class feedback to offer supportive suggestions.

This class will be both fun and serious. The fun side is to keep writers from taking themselves too seriously, which is one cause of writerís block. The serious side is to help get you get going. The motivation and support will keep you moving, in your head and on the page. Youíll get the details on simple marketing steps; how much, and how little, money you can make as a freelancer and the options in markets available for writers to pursue. And you will get a realistic picture of what it takes to get going and keep going from someone who has done it.

Bring a laptop or e-pad or just a paper tablet and pencil. The tools you prefer arenít important. What you will learn and the support you will receive are the important things.

Instructor: Lucinda Ryan has been a professional writer and editor in the publishing field for more than 25 years. As a reporter and staff writer, she has written hundreds of feature stories and hard news stories for publications including, but not limited to, the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Alameda Journal, Hayward Daily Review, San Leandro Times and The Montclarion. She has writing awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and awards from the East Bay Press Club. Her career began as a freelance feature writer, and she still writes features and news for Bay Area publications.

Location: 1904 Franklin Street
Third Floor Conference Roon
Oakland, CA 94612
One block from 19th Street BART station.


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