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“Cast a wide net. Find the common thread. Let life flourish. Don’t panic, just keep it organic!” – Diamond Dave Whitaker

Thank you for supporting the Common Thread Collective on in San Francisco. Every Friday we gather at Mutiny Radio for a 3-hour extravaganza, “welcoming all cool folk out here on the cutting edge of social, cultural and personal change.” We share in community, music, activism & poetry. Diamond Dave Whitaker - a countercultural legend who prides himself on being "1/3 Beatnik, 1/3 Hippie, and 1/3 Punk" - founded the show 11 years ago on the premise of coming together to share talents, inspiration and intelligent conversation. Global Val has been on the board and on the scene for 7 of those years to keep the ship on course. What an adventure it is!

From Arab Spring to Occupy, Hurricane Sandy to the DNC, Standing Rock to the Rainbow Family. From local elections to international uprisings, disaster relief and legal weed. Traveling musicians, pensive poets, community organizers, politicians, environmental experts and many more have all found a home on the Common Thread Collective where, “Nobody goes away mad. Nobody goes away sad. Everybody goes away glad, able to do what they came to do.” – D.D.

We know the magic is working. In the month of March 2018 alone, we had 26,980 downloads! By making a tax-deductible donation, you can help keep the Common Thread Collective thriving in a world deeply in need of human connections as we all look toward a more healthful, peaceful and joyful future! You are part of the force helping to bring that vision to fruition.

Your tax-deductible contribution will:

* Help us continue to spread the word and the love! Give and receive opportunities to share art and activism around the planet on

* Support Mutiny Radio, our independent free speech internet radio station based in the Mission District of San Francisco. With over 35 original shows, we are grateful to have a community performance space in an ever-changing landscape.

* Keep the equipment and technology in ship shape so we can continue to provide our unique platform for free speech and performances.

*Help Diamond Dave continue to do what he does best: connecting people and ideas. At 80 years old, Dave is still determined to come to the station every week, always connecting with intelligent human beings to weave into the colorful fabric of the Common Thread Collective.

Diamond Dave – who helped a young Bob Dylan on his quest to connect with Woody Guthrie back in 1961 – is fond of quoting Bob Dylan, who said, “Money doesn’t talk. It swears.” Of course, it was a reference to corruption and greed, but you can testify right now to your dedication to peace, love and understanding. What’s so funny about that?

Thank you. We love you! PEACE.

The Common Thread Collective

Thank you in advance for your support.All contributions are tax-deductible.

** NoteTo donate by check: Make it payable to Media Alliance, with "Common Thread" in the memo line, and mail to Media Alliance at 2830 20th Street, Suite 102 San Francisco CA 94110