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Date: Four Saturdays November 16th and 23rd and December 7th and 14th
10:00am to 2;00pm

A look at digital storytelling from the perspective of citizen journalism, marketing campaigns, and general media production. The course will help explore the use of digital storytelling to understand and explain core messaging principles - examining what to consider before, during and after a story begins, how to identify key players, complimentary media assets and ways to develop the skills needed to best bring out an original story. The course will also cover some basic video production, exploring the various types of equipment, terminology and tools of the trade.

While the primary focus is to help create a solid understanding of storytelling - it will also include some production techniques, where to get additional self-instructions and how best to determine the right media for your individual stories. Special considerations for non-profit organizations, media collaboration and citizen journalism will be evident throughout this course, with essential course-work that pertains to each area.

This is a lecture-review course in which topics are presented by the instructor, selected clips from media sources are reviewed with discussion and infrequent games and/or quizzes following. Lectures will be presented during each class highlighting specific aspects of storytelling or the production process, how things work and information needed to understand how best to implement them. This course allows for the awareness of general media utilization, basis for video critique, plus general understanding of film production techniques.

1. To introduce students to the world of digital storytelling, how best to tell a story from a unique perspective and an understanding of what technology can be used capture and deliver images, sounds and what new digital technology is available now to everyone.
2. To provide students with the skills to appreciate media production.
3. To introduce students to the tools used and terminology required for production.
4. To provide students with the skills to establish their own look and style of storytelling.

This class will help each student to determine the type of media creation they want to make, from documentaries to news reporting, live blogging to media campaigns, but there may be students that just want the understanding of what it takes to create a video project - in either case we will strive to focus on the elements that will best serve the needs of all students. In each case, the best course of action for success is to listen, participate and come up with your own personal goals for your next media project. The instructor will give you the tools needed to get started, but good storytelling & video production is a long-term prospect and will require practice, patience and the need for good collaborators.

Instructor: Content creator, storyteller and creative media consultant, Sinohui Hinojosa is the founder of Emerging Artist Productions, where he works as Creative Director with over 25 years experience as a writer, producer and director. A partner at EAP Creative, he works with clients that include non-profits like Eden Housing & Life Eldercare, noted Silicon Valley companies such as McAfee Inc,IBM, Cisco and Yahoo!, local businesses and more. Feature film work includes principal co-founder of Dark Harvest Pictures and the co-founder of the San Jose International Short Film Festival & the Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival. As an instructor and motivational speaker, he teaches digital cinema, film history and digital storytelling techniques to non-profits & continuing education students, while providing creative services to independent media creators.

Location: 1904 Franklin Street, Third Floor Conference Room, Oakland, CA 94612. One block west of the 19th and Broadway BART station.


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